I have met Jiko in the forest of Storholmen, a tiny island in Sweden.We are friends now. Jiko is a Plant that We call Pinus Sylvestris. To know more about who is Jiko, I am picking up the branches that Jiko lets fall to the ground. When Jiko sleeps, I come back to the cabin to play a game with Jiko's branches repeating an action that I observe that Jiko does: he collects sunlight, processes it and absorbs energy to live. I call this play Babá Khumu Ta Tá, and it has become a ritual dance between us: "tatátatábakhubabababá...".  I feel that this action is extremely beautiful and deeply admirable, sometimes I wish to learn it. I love to contemplate the way he lives, how he moves, how he comunicates to me... with him I feel peace. Jiko shows  to imagine me an infinite number of possibilities to live. It’s why I decided to set our game  through photography. I’m learning other forms of live.